Monday, February 23, 2009

a broken eye and a crying heart
a spill of your innocence sweeps away my shadow
for you to tell me of your destiny
keep me in suspense, but let me plummet

Friday, January 9, 2009

Scary hetero noises

So i have decided to write only in the late hours of the night and only when I am least I can blame my lack of grammar and spelling on goes nothing....

Unless I am watching a porn,I hate hearing people have makes me sad.Hetero sex is the worst, maybe i had some kind of traumatic childhood experience but there is no need to be making any noise while i am around. If you know i am in a kilometer radius and decide to have relations, you should be dead silent or be willing to turn on several stereos as to eliminate more psychological damage to me.

As much as females pretend to enjoy sex, I will never believe it. Those noises do not sound like pleasure...please be quiet. I always want to run into the room and save them from the pain. Since there is nothing I can really do I always want to escape these situations, but its always at times when it seems impossible like when i have had to much to drink and I have passed out on your kitchen floor amongst the filth and pistachio shells and am not capable of escaping...

Sigh life is hard...